Provide a safer environment
for your athlete

ClearEdge will be partnering with clubs across the nation to provide testing for USA Field Hockey members.

A brief animated video of how ClearEdge works!

Baseline tests are important for making safe “return to play” decisions.

ClearEdge is a suite of easy to administer, objective, and reliable tests of cognition and balance, as well as comprehensive collection and tracking of patient symptoms and injury history. ClearEdge helps establish baselines, monitor changes, detect indications of disorders, and make informed treatment decisions. The toolkit was developed to aid healthcare providers in making accurate diagnostic, treatment, and return to activity decisions.



  • Objective, quantifiable data collection

  • Robust test-retest reliability for all cognitive and balance measures

  • Includes symptoms, balance and cognitive tests

  • Easy to administer

  • Data is portable and HIPAA compliant

    Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms

  • Comprehensive and easy to interpret reports