Make brain health a priority

Scientific medical data to guide preventive care and treatment decisions

Your doctor can use the ClearEdge Toolkit to track brain health long-term, assess brain health in the event of an injury and monitor recovery.

The ClearEdge Toolkit provides you and your doctors with objective data to:

ClearEdge DANA (Cognitive Test)

  • Detect and monitor cognitive indicators of brain disorders, including depression, PTSD, dementia, vestibular disorder, ADHD and concussion
  • Help guide return-to-activity decisions
  • Track cognitive function over time
  • Determine appropriate preventive care measures

ClearEdge Motion (Balance)

  • Track and assess balance over time
  • Coordinate care with your other healthcare providers
  • Provide easily accessible, HIPAA-compliant baseline reports for parents and healthcare providers

Be proactive about brain health; ask for a ClearEdge brain health assessment as part of your child's annual school physical.

An annual assessment of your brain health should be a routine part of your preventive healthcare. After all, the brain is the most important organ in the body. When things are going along great, the ClearEdge Toolkit gives you peace of mind. And if you notice changes or experience an injury, ClearEdge gives you and your doctors powerful information for assessment and evaluation.