Objective, cost-effective assessment tools

ClearEdge provides healthcare professionals with a suite of balance and cognitive tests that can be used together or separately to establish baselines and assess brain health and wellness, including balance, memory, cognitive function and more. Use it in your practice to:

ClearEdge® DANAClearEdge® Motion
Detect and monitor indicators of brain health and disorders, including ADHD, PTSD, dementia, depression and concussionTrack and assess patient balance longitudinally over time
Determine appropriate preventive care measuresProvide objective, quantitative and reliable balance data
Track cognitive efficiency over timeShare information and coordinate care with other treating providers

Benefits for you, your patients and your practice

  • Convenient: Quick, portable test can be performed anywhere WiFi is available
  • Coordination of care: Share information securely with other treating healthcare providers
  • Return on investment: The low cost of acquisition and typically short testing interval facilitate time and revenue efficiencies using existing CPT codes
  • Additional revenue: Growing demand for brain testing increases revenue, drives office visits and attracts patients

ClearEdge Test Overview