ClearEdge® Brain Health Baseline Testing

Introducing ClearEdge® Brain Health Testing

Cognitive Assessment, Balance Evaluation and Symptom Tracking for Athletes

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After Bella’s injury: “My first thought was; Thank goodness I had her baselined.”

ClearEdge® Baseline Testing allows athletes to establish a  measurement of brain health before each sports season to compare with post-assessments in the event of an injury.
This cutting-edge, FDA compliant series of assessments was developed in cooperation with the SUNY Upstate Medical University Concussion Center and Motion Analysis Lab.

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Parents of Athletes

Take the “Sports Physical Exam” to a Whole New Level
An annual brain health assessment should be a part of every athlete’s preseason routine.  During the year, if cognitive changes or injuries occur, the ClearEdge® test provides your healthcare provider with powerful information to assess and track recovery.
Scientific Data to Guide Treatment Decisions
Healthcare providers use the ClearEdge® baseline test to assess cognitive function, balance and symptoms before an injury happens, and to track changes in the event of an injury. 

ClearEdge® Includes Three Separate Tests

ClearEdge DANA

for Cognitive Assessment

ClearEdge Motion

to Test Balance

Symptoms Questionnaires

for Tracking & Assessment

During the Season

Be confident in knowing your child has received the most advanced baseline brain health assessments which include both balance and cognitive tests.

In Case of Injury

Gain peace of mind knowing that your child’s doctor has an objective and reliable tool to assist in the accurate evaluation and diagnosis of a brain injury if necessary.

Faster, Complete Recovery

A reliable baseline will better assist your child’s doctor in effective treatment, recovery and reevaluation, as they monitor brain health recovery over time compared to baseline.

ClearEdge® Brain Health Baseline Testing Provides Your Child’s Doctor With Objective Data to:

  • Detect and monitor cognitive indicators of brain disorders, including depression, PTSD, vestibular disorder, and concussion.
  • Help guide return-to-activity decisions.
  • Track cognitive function over time.
  • Determine appropriate preventive care measures.
  • Track and assess balance over time.
  • Coordinate care with your other healthcare providers.
  • Provide easily accessible, HIPAA-compliant baseline reports for parents and healthcare providers.
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Video: What to expect when you take the ClearEdge® baseline test.

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