ClearEdge provides detailed, easy-to-understand, electronic reports to assist in assessing changes in cognitive reaction time and balance. Both single-session baseline reports and post-event :

  • Participant information
  • Injury history
  • Pain inventory
  • Symptoms
  • Cognitive efficiency
  • Balance
  • Charts showing the breakdown of symptoms and cognitive and balance tests

Single-Session Report (Baseline)

  • The single-session report shows the participant’s scores on the various tests selected by the researcher in the test menu.  The results are displayed in separate graphs or charts for each test and questionnaire selected.
  • Each participant’s baseline report is unique to them, so the real value of these data is manifested when a post-event test(s) is conducted and comparisons can be made.

Post-Event Report

  • Post-event report compares up to four tests at a time.
  • The four test results are color-coded for easy identification and comparison.
  • In addition to data presented in the baseline report, specifics of the participant’s injury are reported.

Participant Demographic Information and Radar Graphs

ClearEdge DANA

ClearEdge Balance