ClearEdge DANA, an FDA-cleared Class II clinical neurocognitive tool developed by Anthrotronix Inc., measures and monitors subtle changes in cognitive function. ClearEdge DANA is efficient and effective for a wide range of preventive and acute healthcare uses.

These include:

Preventive Care

  • Assess medical and psychological states.
  • Track changes in cognitive performance over time.
  • Screens for changes in neurobehavioral and cognitive function.
  • Deciphers change in cognitive reaction time and cognitive processing over time.

Geriatric Care

  • Monitor changes in cognitive efficiency over time to inform necessary lifestyle modifications.
  • Promote quality of life in conjunction with wellness exams.

Rehabilitative Care

  • Assess and track changes in cognition and reaction due to causes such as head injury, post-traumatic stress, etc.
  • Monitor changes and measure progress or decline after a stroke, illness, injury or other neurological incidents.
  • Track detailed changes in cognitive performance throughout treatment and recovery.


Comprehensive patient test reports detail the results of the cognitive assessments, providing baselines and data for comparison over multiple testing sessions.