The First Step to Lifelong Brain Health

Just like measuring blood pressure and cholesterol, checking brain health should be a routine part of preventive healthcare. But until now, there hasn’t been an objective, practical way to assess and track it.

Introducing The ClearEdge® Brain Health Toolkit:

A Suite of Tests that includes cognitive function, balance & symptoms

The ClearEdge Brain Health Toolkit is a suite of tests and assessments healthcare providers use to establish baselines and evaluate brain health and wellness. Developed and validated at the State University of New York Upstate Medical University Concussion Center and Motion Analysis Lab, the toolkit is comprised of separate tests for cognitive assessment, balance, and symptoms tracking.   

How It Works

Product Flow

  • Patient information, injury history and symptoms are collected on the tablet so healthcare providers can customize the tests they administer their patients
  • The Edge sensor, a proprietary inertial motion unit, collects and transmits balance data
  • ClearEdge DANA cognitive assessments are administered on the tablet
  • Data are uploaded to the HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud storage area
  • Proprietary software analyzes data and creates clinical reports
Coaches And Trainers

Teams and Coaches

Be confident knowing your players are receiving best in class brain health assessments that include balance and/or cognitive tests.

Parents And Athletes

Parents and Patients

Get peace of mind knowing your doctor is using advanced technology to assess, monitor and promote brain health now and long into the future. 

Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare Providers

Get objective medical data to help promote lifelong brain health, evaluate head injuries and assist return-to-activity decisions.

Comprehensive Patient Reports


Icon Comprehensive


HIPAA-compliant, FDA Class II Cognitive test and Class I Balance assessment

Icon Objective

Efficient and cost-effective

Easy-to-administer, quick (about 20 minutes) test, portable; electronic reports immediately available to all treating physicians

Icon Clinical

Objective data and reporting

Actionable reports with results quantitatively analyzed relative to prior performance

Icon Evolution


Combine tests to evaluate cognition, balance and symptoms

Icon Portable

Reliable, test-retest accuracy

Sensor technology minimizes test manipulation