Introducing the ClearEdge® Toolkit

A suite of tests that includes cognitive assessment, balance and symptoms tracking

Developed and validated in cooperation with the SUNY Upstate Medical University, the ClearEdge Toolkit is a suite of tests and assessments healthcare providers use to measure and track balance and cognitive reaction time.

The Toolkit Includes Three Separate Tests

ClearEdge DANA

for Cognitive Assessment

ClearEdge Motion

for Balance

Symptoms Questionnaires

for Tracking & Assessment

Parents & Patients

Gain peace of mind knowing that your doctor has an objective and reliable tool to monitor brain health over time.

Healthcare Professionals

Have a reliable and easy-to-administer tool to collect quantitative data and create comprehensive reports to better assess and track brain health over time.

The ClearEdge Test

FDA Compliant Cognitive and Balance Assessments

Objective Data and Reporting
Actionable reports with results quantitatively analyzed relative to prior performance

Robust test-retest reliability; sensor technology minimizes test manipulation

Suite of balance and cognitive tests you can use together or separately to establish baselines and assess brain health

Efficient and Cost-Effective
Easy-to-administer, portable and quick test; electronic reports immediately available to all treating physicians